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Allison Hornery

767 days ago
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  • How do we create more, faster, better open data in NSW?
We're looking forward to seeing you at the NSW Open Data policy challenge on 1 December!  
This is an open space - just type your ideas to get the discussion started.
Allison H Background info
To get started, here are a few links to relevant info - feel free to add any others you think are helpful reference points:
Policy issues you think need to be talked about
What are some of the barriers and gaps in open policy that you think we need to address? Here are some thought starters that people have already raised with us:
Ideas you'd like to work on at the session
The day will be pretty intensive, so have a think about what kinds of ideas you'd like to see worked on to help encourage and enable greater creation and take-up of open data in NSW.
  • Some ideas for inspiration
Resources you think we need at the session

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